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T55Q HVLP - Suction

This professional HVLP system is excellent for both the handyman and the professional. Its quiet 2 stage turbine provides dry warm air to the all metal A-710S bleeder type gun with insulated handle. This competitively priced system uses the very advanced noise suppression materials. The T-55Q sprays all conventional coatings including lacquer, enamel, latex, stain, and other light materials.

Specifications: 8 amps @ 120V, 97 cfm unrestricted, 3.9 psi sealed 

Complete self contained system
Compact and light weight
Easy to use easy to clean
Low overspray
All metal A-710S bleeder type gun with insulated handle
Super quiet (74 db) turbine
25' of top quality turbine hose
Cupboard finishing
Furniture finishing
Automotive finishing
Industrial coating
Multicolor coating
Hobby projects
Aircraft refinishing

Now Includes Air Reducing Valve at No Charge!