LA3600 Air Assisted Airless Gun

The LA3600 Gun is a top quality, high production spray gun that combines the best of airless and air spray technologies. This gun is ideal for creating a superior finish with significantly reduced over spray when compared to conventional air based spraying systems.

Typical applications include fine furniture and woodwork, metal furniture, cabinets, lockers, aircraft, industrial machinery, buses, etc. Products which can be sprayed include stains, varnishes, lacquers, urethanes, primers and other fine finish materials in both solvent and waterborne formats.

  • Standard tip for super crisp shutoff.
  • Unique design can be reverse-installed for easy cleaning.
  • Air control fine tunes atomization and fan width.
  • This top of line gun has a very light trigger pull.
  • Standard contractor gun filter for easy service.
  • Body - forged anodized
  • Maximum fluid pressure - 3600 psi
  • Wetted parts - SS, TC, Tef
  • Trigger - formed steel
  • Air cap - aluminium
  • Weight - 19 ounces
  • Air consumption - 5 - 15cfm

The LA3600 gun can be connected to any airless system capable of delivering between 500 and 3600 psi with a minimum of 0.3 GPM. It also require a compressed air source of at least 5 cfm and 0-50 psi.