DC7800 On Cart

Professional DC7800 airless sprayer is designed for heavy commercial, industrial and maintenance jobs.
Materials which can be sprayed include latex, oil base, elastomeric, heavy architectural coatings, block filler, dry fall, etc. Its slow stroking pump design increases packing and piston life to the maximum. Its PMDC new technology motor has no brushes and requires less amper age. It is very safe being a brushless motor and runs extremely quiet. The electronic speed control provides a steady spray fan even with low pressure fine finish materials. This is a tough and dependable 1.0 GPM pump which will handle a .032 tip!
  • 1.0 GPM, 3300 PSI. Maximum .032 tip.
  • Newest Technology 2.3 HP brushless DC motor is spark free. It has high torque runs on a normal dedicated 15 amp outlet. There no brushes or commutator to wear, the motor is maintainance free.
  • Electronic pressure sensor keeps the spray fan constant and supports spraying with smaller fine finish tips. It also has controls for anti-theft and gallon counting.
  • Tough piston pump is built for professional use, and designed for quick and easy service when needed. The foot valve is hand tight for quick access to the pump valves.
  • Direct suction helps when pumping heavier coatings, and cleans easily. Extra large fluid passages in the pump improve the performance with heavier coatings.
  • Long slow stroke piston with stationary packings keep repair costs to a minimum.
  • Compact & dependable gear speed reduction system.
  • Cart has fold down handle, and comes with pail and hose hooks.
  • Max. tip (1 gun operating) - .032
  • Max. tip (installed) - .031
  • Pressure range - 0 - 3300 psi
  • Volume output (@2000 psi) - 1.0 gpm
  • Spraying with .031 - 2000 psi
  • Max. hose length - 300 ft.
  • Max. power cord - 300 ft.
  • Pump type - piston
  • Motor size - 2.3 hp PMDC 
  • Amp draw @ 120 V - 12.7A
  • Bare weight - 87 lbs
  • Shipping weight - 112 lbs
  • Shipping Size (inch) - 30.6L 27.2W 39.2H