Turbine Cart w/ Mini Compressor

(pot and turbine not included)

When doing larger jobs with an HVLP turbine, refilling the 1 quart container on the spray gun becomes frustrating and time consuming. The Turbine cart with mini compressor is the answer to this problem! By connecting a remote pot with charging compressor to your spray gun by a 25 ft hose, your existing Lemmer turbine becomes a portable, powerful and capable high-production unit.

Turbine Cart Accesories pdf

The kit includes cart, compressor, high pressure hose for compressor to pot, toolbox, and all mounting hardware. It is designed to fit T-55Q, T-75Q and T-90Q directly, and will fit older T-55 and T-75 by adjustment of the mounting tabs that are included with the kit. You can use any pressure pot up to 2.5 gallons, or purchase a new Lemmer pot to go with the kit. See chart below for more details.


Features: Benefits:
Turbine slides in and out of cart with ease Convenience and portability with all-in-one cart
Convenient toolbox to keep extra nozzles etc. handy Less frequent refills for less downtime
Large hose hook HVLP Turbine gun has higher output with a pressure pot
Turbine filter remains fully accessible for inspection and cleaning Pot feed gun is easier to maneuver in tight corners
Air filled tires for easy rolling on the jobsite Much faster to set up than separate components!
Top quality mini compressor delivers up to 30 psi of pot pressure Install your turbine, or add a new T-55Q, T-75Q or T90Q
Simple mounting fits any pot up to 2.5 gallon Connect pot and hose to the Cart
Pressure pot with regulators optional, use pn# L011-075  
Turbine sold separately; use T55Q, T75Q or T90Q


For a system with 25 ft hose and std. Pot add these items:
2.25 gallon pot with regs Pn# L011-075
25 ft x 3/8" fluid hose Pn# L080-644
For a 50 ft system add:
50 ft x 3/8" fluid hose (replaces L080-644 above) Pn# L035-103
25 ft. x ¾" turbine air hose extension Pn# L080-300
For a system with 2 qt remote pot add these items:
2 qt. remote with reg Pn# L080-200
25 ft x ¼" air line for 2 qt. Pn# L035-121
¼ M connector for 2 qt. air line Pn# l035-501
5 ft x ¼" fluid line for 2 qt. Pn# L080-726