T75Q HVLP - Gravity

An excellent unit for continuous work, this is the smallest 3 stage model available with an industrial high volume air intake filter. Its quiet 3 stage turbine provides dry warm air to the A-712G bleeder gravity feed type gun. The gravity feed gun is highly maneoverable and easy to clean and ideally suited to fine finishing specialy work. The T-75Q sprays all conventional coating including lacquer, enamel, latex, stain, and other light materials.

Quiet, high quality 3 stage tangential by-pass turbine supplies filtered and compressed air completely independent of the motor air cooling system. Motor cooling air is provided by separate fan and exhausts to the outside. This ensures clean air to the spray gun and keeps the motor running cool.


Specifications: 10.5 amps @ 120V, 95 cfm 3/4 restricted, 6 psi sealed

High tech sound deadening foams to reduce noise down to 74dB @ min, 79dB @ max
Full spray pattern control, vertical, horizontal, fan width, and round.
A-712G bleeder type gravity feed gun. Metal gun body with comfort nylon grip, and a 600ml nylon container
Variable speed control from about 1/2 to full speed
Quick disconnect hose coupling
25 feet of top quality turbine flex hose
Commercial 6ft power cord
Cupboard finishing
Furniture finishing
Automotive finishing
Industrial coatings
Multicolor coatings
Hobby projects
Aircraft refinishing
and much more.....