RP1600 Rustproofing System

The RP1600 portable rustproofing system is excellent for conventional light bodied rustproofing products.

The electric airless piston pump makes this system simple to operate and easy to clean. Product is delivered to the spray nozzle at high pressure to ensure fast application rates and a fine spray that reaches all areas of the vehicle.

1) Compact stand provides easy transport, unit pumps from any container up to 5 gallons.
2) All metal gun has easy to access filter.
3) Quick change system makes it easy to switch between regular nozzle and flexible spray wand. 4) Durable piston pump provides up to 2800 psi.
5) Order number L033-200 includes everything shown here: pump, spray gun, 25ft hose, 0.013" quick change nozzle, flexible spray wand, plus a handy kit of spare filters and nozzle parts.

Features: Technical Specifications
Sprays most rustproofing products Max. tip (1 gun operating) 0.015"
Motor stops when spraying stops Pressure range 0 -2800 psi
Quick change nozzle system Volume output (@2000psi) 0.25 gpm
Easy to use Max. hose length 50 ft
Easy to clean Pump type electric piston
Light and compact Motor size 1/2 hp
lifetime tech support Amp draw @ 120 V 6.5A