A712 HVLP Gun

The A712 HVLP spray gun comes with insulated Nylon handle and 250 ml suction container. This gun is ideal for touch-ups and other smaller projects where light weight and compact size is important.

This bleeder style gun has a wide range of adjustment; from a wide fan type spray pattern all the way down to a small round spray pattern. It uses the same needles, seats and air caps as our other 700 series guns, and is supplied with a general use 1.4 mm set. For specific nozzle size recommendations, please see Nozzle Chart here.

Suitable applications for this gun include furniture staining and finishing, bath tub re-coating, hobby projects, on-site touch ups etc. It is also an excellent replacement or second gun for many HVLP spray tanning systems. Note: Additional containers with airtight lid are available under part number L080-324. 


A712S HVLP Specifications:

Gun Body Aluminum, ‘black chrome’ finish, nylon handle
Needle and Seat Stainless steel, 1.4 mm supplied standard
Container 250 ml suction type, light weight, nylon
Air inlet Large diameter quick connect for turbine systems