L-1095HD Airless Electric Diaphram w/ HGT

An excellent all around machine for lacquer, stain, latex, alkyd, and many other sprayable materials. Its hopper design helps boost performance and makes clean-up very easy. It is small enough to fit in any car truck (hopper removed).

The L-1095HD is perfect for contractors, rental shops, property owners, and entrepreneurs. The fan cooled 1/3 H.P. industrial electric motor is totally enclosed. The pressure control gives smooth and accurate adjustment from 0 to 2800 psi. The 5 litre (1.2 gal.) hopper is easily removed and not affected by strong industrial thinners.

L1095 Specs

  • 6.5 amps @ 120V
  • 1/3 hp motor
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Diaphragm
  • 0-2800 psi pressure range
  • 0.33 gpm volume (free flow)
  • 0.017 Tip size (max. operating)
  • 0.015 Tip size (max. installed)
  • 27 lbs bare weight