Pipe Coating

Pipe coating spray equipment is manually operated by simply attaching your airless hose and a suitable spray tip to your airless pump, and pull the unit through the pipe at a steady speed. For small pipe we recommend a simple hollow cone spray pattern tip, and for larger pipe the best solution is a standard airless flat pattern tip running off the air powered rotator unit.

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Pipe Centering Block, 7" Max

Use this block for easy centering of pipe coating tips inside pipes from 3.5" to 7", maximum pressure 4000 psi, pipe tip not included.

Hollow Cone Tip


Hollow cone spray pattern produces a uniform coating on the inside of pipe, 3” - 18” I.D. The orifice is made of tungsten carbide and the housing of stainless steel. It provides dependable spray performance, accurate flow rate, and long operating life.

Pipe Coater Spray (10"-27")

The Professional Inside Pipe Coater, auto rotate / 10"-27"
It is perfect for 10" to 27" pipes not accessable for manual spraying. Just attach a spray tip of your choice and the air powered rotary motor will turn the spray head 360 DEG at a variable rotational speed between 10 and 100 RPM. Just hookup your airless hose with a shut off valve or gun to control the flow. The unit is pulled through the pipe manually.