Airless Guns

Lemmer Airless Guns with their heavy duty construction makes these guns the best choice for thick coatings and severe conditions.

These operate connected to a high pressure pump commonly found using 300 - 7500 psi pressure to atomize the coating using different tip sizes to achieve desired atomization and spray pattern size. This type of system is used by contract painters to paint heavy duty industrial, chemical and marine coatings and linings.


Such Advantages of airless spray are: Airless Gun Selector Guide
Coating penetrates better into pits and crevices.
A uniform thick coating is produced, reducing the number of coats required.
A very "wet" coating is applied, ensuring good adhesion and flow-out.
Most coatings can be sprayed with very little thinner added, thereby reducing drying time and decreasing the solvent release into the environment.


L50 Airless Gun


L60 2F Gun


L65 L-Thread 4F Gun


L75G Hot Spray Gun


LA10 Automatic Gun


Wiwa 300 SS Automatic Gun