Electric Diaphragm Pump

In the commercial paint spraying industry airless electric diaphragm pump are one of two standard types used.

The diaphragm pump is generally more compact and less expensive to purchase than the piston pump. If maintained properly a commercial paint sprayer will continue to operate trouble free for many years requiring only wearing components such as tips and valves to be replaced.


L-1095HD Airless Electric Diaphram w/ HGT

An excellent all around machine for lacquer, stain, latex, alkyd, and many other sprayable materials. Its hopper design helps boost performance and makes clean-up very easy. It is small enough to fit in any car truck (hopper removed).

The L-1095HD is perfect for contractors, rental shops, property owners, and entrepreneurs. The fan cooled 1/3 H.P. industrial electric motor is totally enclosed. The pressure control gives smooth and accurate adjustment from 0 to 2800 psi. The 5 litre (1.2 gal.) hopper is easily removed and not affected by strong industrial thinners.