Cup Gun Nozzles & Kits

Cup guns are small electric powered hand held paint sprayers, they are an excellent choice for home renovating (inside & outside), painting fences, decks, furniture, lattice, etc. Cup guns allow the user to paint faster than conventional methods especially on rough or complex surfaces. The cup guns can either draw paint out of an attached container or a long suction hose which draws out of a one gallon can. Pressure control is adjusted through a knob at the back of the gun, the more pressure the finer the atomization. A wide variety of accessories are available for our cup guns for different applications such as round nozzles, flat nozzles, flexible extensions, suction hoses, spare paint container and lid, cleaning brushes, etc. Not only are all wearing parts available for your Lemmer cup gun, either separately or in kit form, but every single part for a Lemmer cup gun can be purchased. Clean-up of a Lemmer cup gun is simple because of the use of quick release mounts so no tools are required.



Cleaning Brush


Container with lid for L280


Flexible nozzle extension


Repair Kit (L-280), No Damper


Round Spray Nozzle


Suction Hose for L280


Suction Hose for L300 & L400


Valve kit for L280


Valve kit for L300 & L400