Air Assisted Airless
LA3600-W3033 Air Assisted Airless Wall Mounted System - The paint, lacquer, varnish or other coating is pumped from the original container to an airless tip at low pressure. This low pressure creates a softer spray pattern with little overspray, resulting in lower paint consumption.

By adding a small amount of low pressure compressed air to complete the atomization process, air-airless greatly improves control and allows some adjustment of the spray pattern shape and size to achieve optimal atomization. The result is a superior finish applied with high efficiency and minimal overspray.



LA3600 Air Assisted Airless Gun


The LA3600 Gun is a top quality, high production spray gun that combines the best of airless and air spray technologies. This gun is ideal for creating a superior finish with significantly reduced over spray when compared to conventional air based spraying systems.

Typical applications include fine furniture and woodwork, metal furniture, cabinets, lockers, aircraft, industrial machinery, buses, etc. Products which can be sprayed include stains, varnishes, lacquers, urethanes, primers and other fine finish materials in both solvent and waterborne formats.

Aircoat System LA3600 Wall Mount


This commercial duty wall mount system uses a combination of airless fluid pressure (500-3300 psi) and low atomizing air pressure (5-50 psi) to give very best of both air and airless technologies. You benefit by getting fast production speeds with top quality finishes!

Air Assist Airless system also have the advantage of pumping from the origional container and being simple to clean. Our high quality system features th EU made LA3600 gun for ultimate reliability. This compact gun has a soft trigger-pull to reduce operator fatigue, and is lightweight and easy to maneuver.