Texturing Hopper Gun

The Lemmer texture gun is designed for spraying ceiling texture, textured paints, textile wall coatings, and masonry coatings. Perfect for contractors or for home renovators, is easy to use and will produce excellent results.


A-470 Texture Gun RND Hopper

This texture gun includes a total of 3 nozzle sizes which allow you to spray low, medium, and high viscosity materials.

Finish texture is controlled by air pressure and nozzle size. Its internal mix design makes spraying thin materials easy and clean-up a breeze. This air powered texture gun requires a standard 20 gallon twin cylinder air compressor capable of producing 8.2 cfm @ 40 psi, 6.5 cfm @ 90 psi. Under continuous spraying with the texture gun, this type of air compressor will hold 70 psi for the first 10 minutes and then stabilize at 50 psi (continuous).