Airless Spray


Airless spray equipment that uses a hydraulic pump to pressurize liquid instead of using compressed air.

An airless spray system consists of a pump, hose and a gun. No compressor is needed because the paint is pumped through the high pressure hose and forced through very small spray tips which atomize the paint into small droplets. The biggest advantage to airless spraying is that since no air is used to atomize the paint, there is very little overspray resulting in high efficiency. 

The amount of paint delivered is determined by the size of the tip used and by the pressure setting. Tips normally are numbered in thousands of an inch. Example: .019 tip indicates a somewhat large tip suitable for most latex paint on larger jobs, a .015 would be ideal for latex and oil base paints, enamels and varnish coatings. Architectural coatings spray best with tips in the .021 and larger range. Be sure to remove all filters when using these larger tips.



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