Electrostatic painting equipment allows the paint to "wrap" around the product being sprayed.

Electrostatic "wrap" is achieved by charging the paint with a static charge. Once charged, the paint being sprayed will be attracted to the nearest grounded object, and will disperse evenly over the entire surface. This results in a great reduction of overspray, thus saving paint. On many smaller pipes, tubes, etc. the painter does not have to spray the back side of the objects because the charged paint has "wrapped" completely around, thus saving time and material. To achieve all this, the Lemmer electrostatic uses a special multi-channel swirl nozzle. It creates a slow spiral fog which allows time for the paint to "wrap". Note: Due to the fine "fog" atomization, any air movement (wind or large fans) during spraying will have a negative affect on the "wrap". Also, optional flat spray nozzles are available for large surfaces.

The Lemmer electrostatic 5000 package brings the latest in electrostatic gun technology and design comfort to the industrial and commercial finishing shops where quality counts! The GM 5000 EAC gun fits comfortably into the operator's hand and is very lightweight (24.6 ounces) for better control of paint application. With the cascade design concept, voltage is generated at the gun, thus eliminating bulky high voltage cables. Its high efficiency charging system is variable up to 80 kV. Its non-turbine cascade design eliminates the possibility of vibration. A trigger mounted electrostatic on/off switch has been designed for operator convenience. Corrosion resistant wetted parts allow applications of chlorinated solvent thinned coatings (requires special supply pump). Excellent paint atomization with the multi-channel swirl nozzle, necessary for electrostatic spray application. This gun offers versatility, it can be used as an air-assisted airless or a straight airless system (up to 3625 psi).



Electrostatic GM5000 Conversion Kit


The Heavy Duty VM5000 power pack electronically controls the high voltage of the GM5000 EAC gun. The high voltage setting is adjustable from 0 to 80 kV and is displayed on a light bar which can be checked from a distance. A second light bar displays amperage output, and a red LED's indicating when gun cleaning or service is required. The variable high voltage allows the gun output to be adjusted to match the coating material being used and the object to be coated. Applications include practically any metal object that can be grounded and requires a decorative and/or protective finish with a solvent borne paint coating. The Lemmer electrostatic is the ideal paint application tool for commercial and industrial maintenance painting. The electrostatic 5000 system can save time, material, and money.

Electrostatic VM5000 Portable System


The Portable System is a truly portable electrostatic. With the paint ready, it takes just ten minutes to unpack and begin spraying. Hose and cable are available up to 300 feet in length. The electrostatic “wrap” effectively paints the hidden sides of pipes, bars, corners, etc. Examples of uses are: Steel coral fencing, ornamental iron railings, metal door frames, farm equipment, sheet metal products, animal cages, oil tanks, filing cabinets, compressors, etc. There is also the advantage of being able to hook up a standard airless gun for normal spraying. The electrostatic effect works best when used with industrial enamels which are thinned by aromatic reducers (such as xylene). Paint preparation is very simple; all that's necessary is proper thinning; no additives for conductivity "correction' are required!