Line Striper
Lemmer LinePro LP-5500 is heavy duty commercial machine.

Excellent for parking lots, side roads, detours, bike/walking pathways, and crosswalks. The gun is easily removed for regular airless paint spraying of lacquer, latex, stain, epoxy.


LinePro LP-5500 Striper

Powerful 3/4 GPM Line Striper with Statinless Steel slow stroking pump, front swivel wheel, build for the new hybrid and water base paints.

Incredible power comes from a Direct Drive System that powers a large piston paint pump for smooth and consitent spray fan width. The system's 3/4 gpm flow rate will handle up to one .027 tip or two .019's! Two tips included, a 317 and a 517. Power is provided by a gas 4.0 hp Honda Engine and will run approximately 6 hours one one tank of fuel at a low RPM setting. Its heavy duty cart has large air filled tires.